About us

Joint Ukrainian-Polish Venture “Ukropol-TEN” specializes in successful manufacturing of tubular electric heating elements.

Our company’s experience of work, its high-tech base, application of quality materials and advanced technologies allow us to produce tubular electric heating elements of different diameter, shapes and capacities.

We offer tubular electric heating elements, made of the materials of the leading European manufacturers:

  • casing material of tubular electric heating elements – stainless steel 1X18H9T;X17 (manufactured in Italy), copper, brass, aluminum, carbon steel;
  • spiral material – Nichrome of KANTHAL company (Sweden);
  • filling material of tubular electric heating elements – MgO periclase (electromag 3LA, manufactured in Great Britain).

Taking into consideration our customers’ needs, we produce multi-purpose tubular electric heating elements, applied in:

  • distillers;
  • electric boilers;
  • oil coolers, electric fans;
  • electric ovens (for catering facilities and for domestic purposes);
  • drying ovens;
  • washing machines;
  • central heaters;
  • baking ovens;
  • for electric heating in agriculture, etc.

Using our advanced technologies, we have mastered manufacturing of oval-section tubular electric heating elements on customers’ request, which are successfully used at railway enterprises, in particular, for heating of switches in winter, showing high reliability during operation, and tubular electric heating elements for water heating in passenger cars.

Tubular electric heating elements correspond to all requirements of national standards, having warranty life of 2 years from the date of sale.