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Tubular electric heating elements

General data
These electric heating elements are designed for heating various environments by way of convection, thermal conductivity and irradiation through conversion of electric power into thermal power and used as component parts of industrial installations and household appliances.

Electric heating elements can operate in most diverse environments including aggressive mediums such as acid, alkali solutions, low-melting-point metals, saltpeter. Operating temperature on the electric heating element’s surface varies from tens of degrees (when heating water and other liquid mediums) to 750C (when heating gas mediums), while special versions of electric heating elements can be used at higher temperatures of the heated environment.

Manufacture of electric heating elements is a technologically complicated process that requires good craftsmanship, knowledge and availability of up-to-date equipment. Our manufacture of electric heating elements meets all these requirements and this is why top quality and timely production of the electric heating elements is our standard.

Production capacities
We can offer to you practically any type of electric heating elements:

  • with any possible electrotechnical parameters
  • of any possible configuration
  • with length up to 6.0 meters and over (composite)
  • with diameter 6.0, 6.5, 7.4, 8.0, 10.0, 13.0 mm
  • with oval section

Design of tubular electric heating elements
Tubular electric heating element represents a spiral (several spirals) placed inside a metal shell and made of high resistance alloy with contact pins. The spiral is insulated from the shell by compacted electric insulating filler. To prevent penetration of moisture inside the end faces of electric heating elements are hermetically. Contact pins are insulated from the shell by dielectric insulators.

L – developed length
Lk – contact core length in termination
La – effective length
D – diameter of shell
R – curvature radius

Electric heating element can be equipped with the mounting fixture in the form of a union with metric or pipe thread. The contact part is equipped with a threaded pin (M3, M4, M5), pin or tab connector. Any spatial configuration is possible.